Creative Spotlight with emcee "Goodness Gracious"

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Dee: Growing up what artists and sounds were you inspired by?

Gracious: "Well my "Jones" (mother) started me off young , she was in the military I was in military school overseas. I mean she had her own albums that I would sneak and listen to like Digital Underground and Big Daddy Kane. The first tape she gave me was that LL Cool J and I rocked it til the tape popped (laughing)." 

Goodness Gracious also mentions the likes of Too Short, UGK and Scarface amongst others as a source of inspiration, as he later recalls how he at 11 years of age was writing raps for him and his cousins.

Dee: "With the Hip-Hop sound constantly changing how do you maintain your style and hold true to your sound?"

Gracious: "I mean a lot of younger artist think that the music we listen is old, I just came from a different era where you wanted to be better than the next emcee not follow the same sequence ya know? I mean it seems it's' less lions and more sheep now"

Dee: "Now with the large number of Dallas artists that are out signed and unsigned , who would you like to collab with?"

Gracious: "I mean I am a fan of a lot of artist in the city, I mean 7 tha Great, Que P, Jayson Lyric, Colby Savage, C. Shruggs, to name a few it's a lot of people that I have had a chance to work with and would again, and its plenty I would work with. We all watched each other grow ya know?"

Artist 7 tha Great and Que P appear on Goodness Gracious's street anthem  "Can't Take that Loss" which is highly reviewed for it's southern instrumental, word-play and flow from each artist

Dee: "What do you think Dallas has to do to get more national recognition on the Hip-Hop scene?

Gracious: "First off its a buyers market, so we gotta start buying what we selling. When a local artist come out we gotta go support that man and go cop it if its dope,I mean we have our own style a lot of artist that's not from here have came and stole stuff from us took it elsewhere and acting like they invented it. I mean we from the city with the mic in the skyline that should be inspiration."

Very few people do you leave a conservation with feeling like you learned anything. 2 minutes speaking with Goodness Gracious prior to our interview I instantly felt advancement in knowledge and history in the city known as the "Triple D".

(full interview video coming soon to the Great Decade Apparel youtube channel)


For more on Goodness Gracious along with booking info: IG: saygoodness FB: Geoffrey Keaton



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